Analog CAD

Logic synthesis and ASIC layout tools makeit possible for very small teams to design very complex digital circuits. In the analog domain, such tools are still much harder to design and deploy. Discover how our group pioneered many of the key breakthroughs that became the first generation of viable, analog circuit and layout synthesis tools.

Hardware Accelerators for Machine Learning and AI

Machine learning (ML) and AI technologies have revolutionized the ways in which we interact with large-scale, imperfect, real-world data. Learn more and about the motivativation behind the significant work in custom accelerator architectures.

Statistics for Nanoscale ICs

At the nanoscale, nothing is deterministic. Every circuit behavior we want to model is a messy smear of correlated probability. This creates major problems when trying to design modern integrated circuits. Discover how we’ve deployed and innovated on these themes to build a wide range of useful predictive statistical models.